Published date: 05 Oct 2023

Summary of Briefing Document on Early Years Interventions and Public Childcare Approaches

The Children’s Rights Alliance are delighted to launch a Literature Review of research and international evidence on equality of participation and access models within early learning and care, and school-aged childcare services.

This Review sets out the evidence internationally of the benefits, for children and their families, of investing in early years programmes for children most living in poverty. You can read the report here and the executive summary here.

Looking at the evidence from projects/ programmes across five countries the evidence international is clear that to break the cycle of poverty, investing in years is one of the most effective methods. The programmes in the review show that investing in specific programmes targeted at those living in poverty with wraparound supports has demonstrated positive impacts on children’s educational attainment, long term employment opportunities, physical health, an increase in lifetime earnings, a reduction in crime and number of lifetime arrests, improved mental health and improved socioemotional skills among others.