ICON is a forum where issues affecting the north east inner city are discussed and agreed and joint action is planned. It is made up of community and voluntary organisations and individuals living and working in the north east inner city. The broad functions of ICON include:

  • Acting as a source of information.
  • Campaigning and lobbying around issues identified within the community.
  • Encouraging local policy making through debated and discussion forums.
  • Promoting partnership approach between community, voluntary, statutory and business sectors.
  • Providing a catalyst to initiate relevant service responses to issues identified within the community.

ICON works to address issues of poverty, disadvantage, social exclusion, and inequality affecting the North East Inner City community, advocating for systemic change. Underpinned by a community development approach, we seek to enable and amplify the collective voice of the community, and to mobilise and support collective community action, creating safe, inclusive, and participative spaces to support grass-roots community engagement.

22 Lower Buckingham Street,
D01 N6V0

01 8366890

[email protected]