The Dental Health Foundation (DHF), governed by a Board of trustees from both public and private dental practice, is a charitable trust with the aim of improving the oral health of the Irish people. Since its establishment the DHF has emerged as a unifying voice in the field of oral health promotion, working with a wide variety of interested parties to champion change.

The mission of the DHF is the promotion of oral health in Ireland by providing effective resources and interventions and by influencing policy through a multi-sectorial, partnership approach. The DHF is a valuable resource in the healthcare sector providing advice and tools to promote oral health practices, increasing awareness amongst the public empowering them to make healthier lifestyle choices, strengthening community action and providing support for innovation and development in the delivery of oral care prevention measures.

Dental Health Foundation, Ireland
PO Box 12343
Dublin 18

Tel:01 2136112
Email: [email protected]