Bedford Row supports families of prisoners. Crime and imprisonment affects all of us and causes a lot of pain and distress in society. In our work with families, children are our most important priority.

The objectives of Bedford Row Family Project are:

  • To continue to provide the information and hospitality centre at Limerick Prison.
  • To reach out to the most needy of the focus group in their communities and respond to the particular needs of children
  • To build capacity in the focus group who are committed to working with others.
  • To access/establish services which meet the educational needs of the families of prisoners.
  • To access/establish services which provide support and counseling to the families of prisoners.
  • To establish an information, referral and advocacy service to the families of prisoners.

Bedford Row Family Project
Lower Bedford Row,

Tel: 061315332
Email:[email protected]
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Bedford Row Family Project
Bedford Row Family Project