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The Single Affordable Childcare Scheme, announced in October 2016, aims to make childcare more affordable and accessible for families, by providing universal subsidies for all children under three years.

The Children’s Rights Alliance welcomes the opportunity to be consulted by the Department of Justice and Equality on the GDPR and specifically on the age limit below which children require parental (or guardian) consent to sign up to online

Investing in Childcare is Investing in Children

Statement by the Children’s Rights Alliance


Tuesday, 11 October 2016: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Check out the full programme for our First Child Summit: A Symposium on the Recommendations of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child for Ireland

Check out the impressive line-up for our child poverty conference, including two Cabinet ministers, academics, national and European experts and more!

Welcome to the Children’s Rights Alliance Annual Review 2015. Have a look to see how we united our members and put pressure on the Government to put children first.